New Lenox Ordnance Inc.
New Lenox Ordnance is a division of New Lenox Machine Co. Inc. which was established in 1970 by owner and President Alan Seniw.
Specializing in the screw machine products industry for 30 years NLMC was awarded a government contract in June 1985 to develop and produce the 14.5mm BS-41 Soviet Round. New Lenox Ordnance together with New Lenox Machine Co. manufacture Specialty Projectiles for the U.S. Army and other testing laboratories. Our specialty projectiles are used solely for Scientific, Experimental and Research & Developmental purposes for the testing of armor. We are the sole source of the 14.5mm BS-41 and 14.5mm B-32 projectiles for Aberdeen Proving Grounds and have the capability of manufacturing projectiles from steel & tungsten carbide. We also manufacture a full line of US and Soviet projectiles. As developer and manufacture of the New Lenox Machine Co. Inc. Powder Breech Systems, we manufacture Powder Breech Systems for use in Ballistic Testing Laboratories in different calibers ranging from 5.56mm to 40mm. We manufacture a 30mm system capable of launching 20mm FSP's at OVER 5000 fps. for testing the effects of shrapnel from (IED's) Improvised Explosive Devices. We also have the capacity to manufacture Rifled and Smooth Bore Barrels up to 12' long. Our ballistic test range is availabe for companies that do not have their own range facilities. With our qualified personnel we are capable of setting up a test program, performing the tests and reporting the data back to the customer.
Company Profile:
ISO 9001:2000